Strategic sessions in the company to develop and implement a long-term strategy

Strategic sessions in the company to develop and implement a long-term strategy 1

Challenge/Opportunity: Lidskoe is the leader of the beverage market in Belarus, in the face of declining markets and increasing competition, there is a need to formulate an inspiring and clear development strategy for the entire company for 5 years for long-term growth in revenue and profitability.

Solution: In 2020, in 4 stages and with the involvement of 55 key people and top management, a long-term strategy for 5 years was created for the Lidskoe company. This approach has been applied before in FMCG companies in Vietnam and Belarus. This tool is a clear integration system for analyzing the business, what has been achieved by the company in retrospect, where it is in a competitive environment at the moment, what opportunities exist in the markets in brands, customers, consumers, as well as in human capital, social responsibility, and in improving efficiency within the company.

The strategy is done both for the usual scenario (basic strategy) and for the inspiring option (no-limit strategy) to show the development perspective and evaluate the resources to achieve ambitious goals.

Stage 1: understand the market and opportunities for all categories of products (services)

Stage 2: understand today’s position, create an inspiring vision for the future and a commercial strategy for achieving that would be within the mission and vision

Stage 3: develop a path – a plan for cross-functional initiatives, prioritize them according to the expected result and resources, outline an initiative plan for an unlimited strategy

Stage 4: evaluate the financial effect of initiatives, create timing and digitize goals for 5 years

Result: thanks to the high involvement of key employees, a well-thought-out system for organizing group work and individual training, competent facilitation, as well as visual materials that stimulated the ideas of participants, it was possible to create a winning company strategy for 5 years and implement it throughout the organization. The first years of its implementation gave a strong result in terms of revenue growth of 20%+, improved market share in all categories, successful innovations and growth in positions in the premium segment of the beer market.